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Thank you for your interest in applying for a USA Equestrian Trust ® grant and particularly for your commitment to horses and equestrian sport. To access the grant application form, read the following required information then click the button below to access the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.). Please read those questions and then press the button at the bottom of that page to begin filling out the application form.

USA Equestrian Trust’s 2018 grant application period has closed. Grant applications are no longer being accepted.

Inquiries about grant applications or the grant process are only handled by email. Kindly email with any questions or comments, and you will receive a response promptly.

One of the paramount factors in the Trust leadership’s analysis each year of the growing number of applications is need-based and means-tested applications. Please note these in your application. All grant recipients must agree to expenditure responsibility disclosures. As part of those requirements, recipients will need to transmit a written summary of the activities that the grant funded within 45 days of expending the funds. That summary must also include a spreadsheet detailing how and to whom the funds were allocated. The expenditure responsibility requirements dictate as well that evidence be provided that the Trust’s grant allocation was made for its intended purpose. This requirement can be met in the form of photos from an event, testimonials from those assisted, or otherwise.