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2019 Grants

2019 Grant Applications

 2019 Grants

USA Equestrian Trust received 70 grant applications for the application period closing April 24. As you'll recall, the Board gave approval in January to accept applications once during 2019. Below you'll find instructions on downloading the applications and summary spreadsheets for your review. Hard copies of this material will tentatively arrive at your homes on Tuesday, May 7.

Summary spreadsheets

Two types of spreadsheets have been prepared. The first sorts all grant applicants alphabetically. The second sorts the various applicants into the following categories: Competitions (4), Education (14), Facility Improvements (5), Rescue (4), Scientific Research (3), Therapy (20), Youth (16) and Other (4).

Information was added to the Trust website in 2016 noting proposals from equine rescue and therapy programs have traditionally not been funded. However, there continued to be a sizable number of applications from such organizations.

You will find a short description of the project requesting funding, the requested amount, the location of the non-profit, its contact person and a needs-based analysis that offers a glimpse at the applicant's financial need based on the provided Form 990. As we have often discussed, the Trust's grants are intended to go to those recipients who are most in need. In equestrian sport, many other organizations may award financial assistance to individuals or organizations despite them having high net worth and already being in possession of expensive horses, equipment, training and other financial support. We have set priorities that insofar as possible, the Trust's funding go to individuals and organizations truly in need of assistance.

Grant applications

Because of the sheer volume of grant applications, we have prepared different options for downloading and reviewing them. The first is to download the full file, which is 286 pages. The second option is to download individual applications. Also, a large number of applicants this year sent supplemental material such as photographs and printed material that they would like reviewed with their actual application forms. The supplemental material is listed and available to download in this section of individual listings below.

Option 1

Option 2

  1. American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation — Application: Equine Disease Communication Center

  2. American Vaulting Association — Application: Website revamp

  3. Back Country Horsemen of Alabama — Application: Creation of high school equestrian teams

  4. Cape Fear Equine Rescue — Application: Equine rescue

  5. Central Illinois Riding Therapy — Application: Equine therapy

  6. Colby's Army — Application: Riding lessons for homeless youth

  7. Days End Farm Horse Rescue — Application: Equine rescue

  8. Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue Center — Application: Equine therapy

  9. DreamCatchers Ride — Application: Purchase of horse for youth programSupplementary material: Financials

  10. East County Equestrian Foundation — Application: Programs at future equestrian parkSupplementary material: Organization overview

  11. Equestrian Aid Foundation — Application: Disaster relief

  12. Equinoterapia Puerto Rico — Application: Equine therapy

  13. Five Star Life — Application: Youth campSupplementary material: Organization overview

  14. Frankie's Corner Little Thoroughbred Crusade — Application: Equine program for at-risk children

  15. Friends of the Equestrian Skills Course — Application: Skills course extensionSupplementary material: Course design, board list, flyer, photos

  16. Glade Run Lutheran Services — Application: Equine therapy

  17. Goodtoknow Horses — Application: Educational clinicsSupplementary material: Financials

  18. Grayson Jockey Club Research Foundation — Application: Development of new PET scan technologySupplementary material: Articles

  19. Hapi Trails — Application: Equine rescueSupplementary material: Project background

  20. High Hopes Therapeutic Riding — Application: Equine therapy

  21. Horse Haven of Tennessee — Application: Educational event

  22. Horses Healing Humans — Application: Equine therapy for veterans

  23. Jasmine’s Haven Rescue — Application: Youth camp

  24. JoyRide Center Therapeutic Horsemanship — Application: Equine therapy

  25. Katie Havlik — Application: Equine therapy

  26. Leg Up for Cleveland's Kids — Application: Equine program for at-risk children

  27. Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center — Application: Equine therapySupplementary material: Annual report

  28. Making Strides of Virginia — Application: Equine therapySupplementary material: Letter, product specs

  29. MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center — Application: Telehealth clinic for jockeysSupplementary material: Organization overview

  30. Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Foundation — Application: Safety equipment for youth

  31. Midway University — Application: Purchase of educational therapy equipmentSupplementary material: University background

  32. National Museum of Racing — Application: Educational exhibit

  33. NDR Therapeutic Riding — Application: Equine therapy

  34. New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program — Application: Competition for retrained ThoroughbredsSupplementary material: Brochure, entry blank

  35. Old Field Farm — Application: Economic and social impact studySupplementary material: Who we areSupplementary material: Task force report, organization overview

  36. Omaha Equestrian Foundation — Application: Educational expositionSupplementary material: Brochure

  37. Parelli Foundation — Application: Natural horsemanship scholarships for youth

  38. Prairie Fire Farms Foundation — Application: Youth camp for children of military

  39. Protect Yourself1 — Application: Training for ride in Mongolia

  40. Public — Application: Rodeo and accompanying documentary

  41. Rein Tree Stables — Application: Youth competitions

  42. Rescue Rehab Rehome — Application: Equine rescue

  43. Retired Racehorse Project — Application: Support for Thoroughbred retraining competitionSupplementary material: Volunteer statement and list

  44. Sacramento Area Hunter Jumper Association — Application: Training clinicSupplementary material: Letter of support

  45. Saddles in Service — Application: Equine therapy for veterans

  46. Seeley Stables LLC Veterans Equestrian Training Services — Application: Equine therapy for veterans

  47. SierraRose Farms Healing Hearts with Horses — Application: Equine therapy for veteransSupplementary material: Letters of support

  48. Silicon Valley Vaulting Club — Application: Training clinicSupplementary material: Financials

  49. South Community — Application: Equine therapySupplementary material: Brochure

  50. Southern Illinois University — Application: Hay waste studySupplementary material: Project overview, letter of support

  51. Southern Illinois University — Application: Room renovationSupplementary material: Project overview, letters of support

  52. Special People United to Ride (SPUR) — Application: Equine therapy

  53. Sunny Creek Ranch Equine Services — Application: Equine therapy for veteransSupplementary material: Booklet, testimonials

  54. Take 5 to Heal a Heart — Application: Construction of indoor facility

  55. Team Velvet — Application: Equine therapy video seriesSupplementary material: Video, articles, flyer, brochure, photo

  56. The United States Pony Clubs — Application: Production of safety videoSupplementary material: Letter

  57. Truckee-Donner Horsemen — Application: Training clinicSupplementary material: Letter, project overview

  58. United States Equestrian Federation — Application: U.S. Saddle Seat World Cup and Young Riders Teams

  59. United States Hunter Jumper Association — Application: Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Program

  60. UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center — Application: Equine therapySupplementary material: Project overview

  61. Vaulters Del Sol — Application: Arena construction

  62. Vermont Horse Council — Application: Economic impact studySupplementary material: Economic impact study’s first phase, project background, financials

  63. Washington International Horse Show Association — Application: Youth educational expoSupplementary material: Presentation, photos

  64. Westside Community Park — Application: Construction of horse parkSupplementary material: Organization background

  65. Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program — Application: Equine therapy

  66. William Woods University — Application: Purchase of veterinary equipment

  67. World Heritage Animal Genetic Resources — Application: Conservation of heritage equine breeds

  68. World Para Reining — Application: Competition

  69. LATE SUBMISSION: Metropolitan Equestrian Team — Application: Youth scholarship

  70. LATE SUBMISSION: United States Saddle Seat Association — Application: Marketing campaign